Friday, May 6, 2016

Parma Prosciutto e Melone

     Savory Refreshing Prosciutto & Melon!
     Parma Prosciutto e Melone is a well known Italian antipasti.  The rich savory flavor of dry cure aged Parma Ham and ripe melon truly is one of life's simple pleasures!
     There is only one place where authentic mountain cave aged dry cure Parma Prosciutto Ham comes from.  That is Parma Italy!  Parma Ham is Italian government certified and quality inspector stamped.  There are a few different prosciuttos in Italy, but Parma Prosciutto is considered to be the very best.  Parma Prosciutto can be sliced as thin as paper.  The flavor is very mellow, yet very rich.
    Only the rind is trimmed off of a Parma Ham and the fat is part of the serving slice.  When prosciutto is sliced, the individual slices should be separated by parchment paper or plastic wrap.  Prosciutto slices will easily cling to each other and then the slices will tear when trying to separate them.  It is best to handle one slice of prosciutto at a time.

     The best ripe melon choices for prosciutto are Honeydew, Cantaloupe and Canary Melon.  The melon slices should be about 3/8" to 1/2" thick and the curved ends should be trimmed off.
     Wrapping melon slices with prosciutto sounds easy, but it is very time consuming.  One full slice of prosciutto per slice of melon is the standard.  Wrapping a slice of prosciutto once or twice around the piece of melon is enough to impart plenty of flavor.

     Parma Prosciutto e Melone:
     The yield is as many pieces that are needed.  Usually 1 or 2 pieces of Prosciutto e Melone per guest is plenty.
     • Free one prosciutto slice at a time and drape the prosciutto over the melon slice to start the wrap.  
     • Wrap the prosciutto tightly against the melon slice.
     • Place the prosciutto wrapped melon slices on a serving platter.  Try to arrange the prosciutto e melone in a nice pattern that has eye appeal.
     • Garnish the platter with bite size melon pieces and a lemon curl.

     The flavor is hard to describe and it must be experienced!  Cool refreshing melon with the flavor of Italian aged dry cure Parma Prosciutto Ham is a tasting experience that can be described as simplicity at its best!

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